Game Summary

Our furry friend has run into some trouble. He needs your help to work out his maths problems and get his dinner. Can you find the solution and keep the Mouse happy?

Lend a hand; help the mouse get his lunch by solving his maths problems in many levels of counting fun, with the all new Mouse Math game. Match the correct numbers of fruit items falling from the log flume, to those the mouse has in his head.

This is the perfect game to teach young children counting skills, as they aim to keep the Mouse happy. They will also get to adventure around the world as they help the mouse with his maths problems, but they will have to be careful not to upset him by giving him the wrong item.


– Bright, innovative animation makes for a simple, entertaining interface and provides easy to follow action. 

– Travel to an exciting new location each level, with a new background from around the world to enjoy at every stage.

– Use your devices tilt technology to make the correct number or fruit items fall where the mouse can reach it.

– Alternatively tap the screen to throw a ball from the basket knocking the right item from the log flume towards the mouse’s house, before it disappears into the canyon. 

– Children learn in an engaging, entertaining way simply by playing casually.

– Upbeat music reinforces your child’s learning making it clear when they have completed a task successfully. 

The game uses your devices accelerometer technology, allowing you to tilt the correct number or food item in the direction of our hungry and often confused little friend. Match the number to complete the solution in his head, or feed his craving for various varieties of fruit.  

All of this comes in an attractive, easy to use package, making for a simple but entertaining game experience giving your child an enjoyable, interactive learning experience.







Mad Mouse Game Cover